Parent Peer Group - Start the conversation



NIH - drinking AT HOME



Invite a few parent friends (2-5) over for a conversation about drugs and alcohol and what the group of you want for your kids through middle and high school. introductions are good if you don’t know each other well. sometimes simply with the intention to discuss drugs & alcohol, the conversation will take off on it’s own. If not, watch the video. Print the discussion guide for your time together and other flyers/materials to dive deeper or explore once apart. after the first meeting/discussion:

  • agree to meet again to explore more of the parent movement 2.0 and the reclegal parenting website and materials.

  • or decide what portions you will explore on your own then gather back to compare and discuss.

  • or maybe you’ve got it - agree to stay in touch as the kids grow - call/contact each other if you hear something a little off or as they are making social plans together.