Potency Levels hAVE increased significantly &
now there are 4 major forms of marijuana

If you do not use pot today, you don’t understand much about it. marijuana possibly smoked in your youth (as recent as the 1990s) contained on average 3% THC (the cannabinoid in pot that makes a user high). Today:

  • (1) plant-form marijuana is generally not available with less than 18% THC and most of it contains thc levels in the mid-20s.

  • (2) & (3) plant form is joined by THC concentrates in liquid and solid forms. these did not exist 20 years ago. liquids are typically “vaped” and can vary in potency - 18% - 25% - 50% - 85% THC. Solids are “Dabbed” and are nearly 100% pure THC.

  • (4) The “pot brownie” has given way to an unending array of edible products (food and drink) with varying potencies - all strong - gummy bears with 18mg of THC, candy bars with 420mg of THC, cookies with 1000mg of THC and everything in between.

  • It’s time for parents to wake up!  

Note: The liquid and solid concentrates are added to foods/drinks to create edibles. If you see non-food products infused with THC or claimed to contain marijuana, those are created using these concentrates as well, i.e. tinctures, tampons, lotions, etc…


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