Educate & connect - Parent Peer Groups

The Goal is simple - Connection, communication, finding common ground and if there is the opportunity for like-mindedness.

3 to 5 parents in conversation can change everything. the easiest starting point is with the parents of your kid’s friends. Who is your kid hanging out with? start a conversation with their parents.

Meeting Topics & Materials


How to start the conversation


1 - Explore the PLEDGE


2 - Brain Science


3 - Forms & Potencies

4 - Parenting wisdom


other parenting strategies

Parent Directory - Would your community benefit from a directory of like-minded parents

  • combat “mom, nobody’s parents care about this stuff like you do” and “no one has these rules.”

  • know where your neighbors and parenting peers stand on Alcohol, marijuana and other drugs

  • be able to pre-check homes your child visits

be the influence Parent Directory is a powerful tool- take the BTI pledge & start a directory in your community today

Be The Influence or "BTI" is a parenting program which seeks to delay adolescent substance use and reduce rates of binge drinking, alcohol, marijuana, vaping, tobacco, and other drug use in our communities