Take the “I’m In” Parent Pledge & Join Parent Movement 2.0

Take the “I’m In” Parent Pledge & Join Parent Movement 2.0

Parent Movement 2.0

Reducing the underage use of Alcohol, Marijuana & Nicotine

Most parents today - who were in high school in the 1980s and 1990s - don’t realize there was a quiet but powerful force at work to increase the odds of their high school experience being drug-free or at least not drug-dominated. Read the history of the Parent’s Movement 1.0 to find out what was really behind the “Just say no” campaign of your youth.

As for now, it’s time for Parent Movement 2.0.  

  • The 6-pack of beer is increasingly replaced with handles of vodka at teen parties,

  • Marijuana Legalization is being aggressively pushed across the country by a motivated, well-funded and politically sophisticated industry - these efforts are taking away family right’s to live in pot-free communities,

  • Marijuana today is outrageously potent and delivery mechanisms that appeal to kids are wide-spread,

  • We are in the midst of a national opiate-crisis that is taking lives and is compounded by legal pot and commonly available RX drugs,

  • Research increasingly shows adult addiction as a childhood-onset disease, and

  • We now understand that the neurological growth of 12-25 year olds is a unique stage of human development to which drugs and alcohol can be particularly damaging.  

These developments and many others represent a confluence of events and new understanding that make NOW the perfect time for parents to rethink substances relative to their kids and to do something about it.  Are you ready to take the Parent Movement 2.0 - “I’m in” - Pledge?