No one ever died from Marijuana - are you sure?

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Marijuana does not shut down the brain stem or depress breathing like other drugs that kill via overdose. However, marijuana can cause psychosis and psychotic breaks. These are both types of overdose and many atrocities, like suicide and homicide occur in these mental states.

Another way people die from marijuana is through traffic fatalities.  Fatalities doubled in the state of Washington after they legalized pot for recreational use (AAA study).  Fatalities were shown to increase by 50% after Colorado legalized (Rocky Mountain HIDTA studies). Among young drivers (16-25), FARS data shows a 12% increase nationally in fatal accidents involving marijuana (2012-2017) while it shows a 45% decrease in accidents involving alcohol at the same time.  

Note, mixing marijuana and alcohol makes a person 8X more impaired according to the extensive research done by renown scientist Marilyn Heustis.