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Is your child using? Do you suspect use? You are about to have some difficult conversations. There are many techniques and approaches. Several on the Parent Tool Kits page. Below are more resources specifically for parents with an acute need for guidance.

Partnership for Drug-free Kids:
Partnership for Drug-free Kids - Get One-on-One Help to Address Your Child’s Substance Use
Partnership for Drug-free Kids - When You Discover Your Son or Daughter Using Drugs: Start Talking
Partnership for Drug-free Kids - When You Discover Teen or Young Adult Drug Use: Set Limits & Monitor
Partnership for Drug-free Kids - Teen or Young Adult Drug Use: Using Positive Reinforcement to Help Change Behavior
Partnership for Drug-free Kids - All other Resources

ARC - Addiction Resource Center (a division of the Addiction Policy Forum) offers many resources including a 24/7 help line

Look for local therapists that specialize in addiction and adolescents - A therapist that has this expertise can help a using child, but can also assist parents and family members in better understanding what is happening and can discuss various strategies for helping the child. Ask around your community for recommendations. Resources above and below may be helpful as well.

Other Helpful Resources:

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